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Connect Multiple Offices  

Connect Multiple Offices

Site-To-Site VPN is frequently used to connect multiple offices together. The advantage of Site-To-Site VPN is that it does not require PCs in the offices installing any software.

VNN as an On-Demand VPN service, it used to require every computers running VNN software. This works for the business with small number of computers.

With more and more users implementing their remote access system by VNN, the users expressed a wish to not only not to install a VPN server, but also not to install a lot agent software on all their PCs.

VNN Gateway feature is the response to this wish.

VNN Gateway has two working modes. One is for VNN-GW-BR. The other is VNN-GW-MO.

For each branch office, install one VNN-GW-BR. It will allow all or part of the computers in that branch office to join the VNN virtual network.

For main office, install one VNN-GW-MO. It will allow all or part of the computers in the branch offices to access some of the servers in the main office.

From the diagram below, we can see that the Office PC on the Left side will be able to access the ERP Server and Printer on the right side. They do so thru the branch office VNN Gateway on the Left and then VNN Gateway on the Right.