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A Medical VPN - ODGP  

A regional medical general practice IT center needs to provide many small VPNs for their doctor's offices, hospitals, healthcare centers, elderly care centers, etc. The staff of each facility need to access their own office. Some doctors need to access some hospitals' network. Most staff need to access IT center for email. They have over 50 facilities need to be supported.

If they use hardware IPSEC-VPN, it takes time to install at each office. Whenever there is a need to maintain these VPNs, they need to go on-site.

By using VNN, they assign each VNN group to each office or hospital and use a special VNN group for IT server center.

After configuring each VNN group to trust the IT server group, it allows all the doctor's offices and hospitals to access the servers.


No need to go to each doctor's office to install VPN
No need to change each doctor's router setting
Works with the doctor's existing Internet service, no need to ask for a fixed public IP address
Each doctor can add/delete users or change password
Built-in VNN tunnel firewall and access control policy to only allow the legitimate traffic going thru the tunnel so to prevent virus spreading
Easily to support more offices
No upfront cost to the doctors. VNN is offered as a subscription service.