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VNN User Guide  

1. Download VNN:

Download VNN software. Please visit and select Download.

2. Install VNN:

Double click the downloaded VNN software, and follow the instruction, you will see the VNN software installed on your PC.

3. Register a new account:

If this is your first time to run VNN, you need to register a new account.
VNN provides a free 7-day trial account.

Double click the task bar icon, you will see the following UI:

Select VNN-Enterprise, you will see following:

Click Register on the UI, you will see following UI. Enter the account name that you would like to use. In this example, we chose myaccount. Click Next after you fill in all the information.

After that, you will get the followings:

This is an opportunity for you to change the default password that is generated by the server. That password is hard to remember.

After you choose the password, you can click Next.

This is the time for VNN to create two IDs in this account.

4. Test your VNN:

For each new VNN account, it has two user IDs. To test VNN, you need to run VNN on two PCs.
On each PC, you will use one of the IDs to login. The passwords for both IDs are the same as the one that you choose during Registeration.

After both PCs have VNN running and logged in, from VNN UI on each PC, you can see the User ID on the other PC is in red. That means the other PC's VNN logged in successfully.

See picture below:

If you right click the ID, you will see following:

If you choose Connectivity, and you see the following:

That means these two PCs are successfully connected via VNN tunnel.

If you choose Network Neighborhood, and you see the following:

That means this PC can access the shared files on the second PC.

5. Use VNN:

The main function of VNN is to create a peer to peer virtual network among all the PCs running VNN software.

VNN is mainly used in the following situations:

- Login to a remote PC.
- Share files with a remote PC.
- Access servers that are on the company local network from home or hotel.
- Sync. large files or folders among remote PCs.

Please select the link above to learn how to do those.

6. Manage VNN:

When an account is created, two IDs are created automatically.
By default, each VNN account is able to have up to 8 IDs to connect up to 8 PCs.
To create the IDs beyond the first two, please login as admin.myaccount.vnn/123456 (In your case, you need to replace myaccount with the account name that you choose and the 123456 with the password that you set).

After login as admin, you will be able to:

- Add more IDs
- Delete an ID
- Change password for any ID
- Change the access policy for any ID
- Restrict an ID can only login from a specific PC
- See who is online and online/offline history, location
- Change/Assign alias for each ID