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Access Servers on a Remote PC  

Most businesses have one or more application servers. The popular servers are Exchange server, the Web Server, etc.

Problem to solve:

Most home or office PCs are behind routers. They can not be directly accessed from the Internet.
Also, most home or office's Internet are assigned dynamic IP addresses. That means the IP addresses are not necessary the same ones from time to time.

How VNN Helps:

By running VNN on the home or office PC and remote PC, it establishes a virtual secure network tunnel between these PCs. The data transferred thru VNN tunnel is encrypted transparently. This prevents the contents exposed to the Internet. With VNN access control function, only authorized PCs can transfer data among their own tunnel. This prevents the servers being accessed by un-related people.

1. For servers that running on a Windows PC:

In this case, you can simply run VNN on that PC and access it remotely by using that VNN IP.

2. For servers that not running on a Windows PC:

In this case, you need to use a Windows PC running VNN and then create a service from that PC to map a port from that PC to the PC running the server.

The picture below shows the way to map a port 12345 of VNN IP to port 80 of IP (Assume the server runs on the PC with IP of